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Wings over Valdez Airshow 2014

Flying over Terrain of the Thomson Pass Snowkite and Airsports Festival. Photo Adrian Dengali

Flying over Terrain of the Thomson Pass Snowkite and Airsports Festival. Photo Adrian Dengeli

As part of the Thompson Pass Snowkite and Airsports Festival, World class pilots and Alaska Kite Adventures will bring our flying talent and display of wings to the City of Valdez, Alaska. March 29 2014. The free-flying community- Paragliders, Speedriders, Wingsuit, and Base Jumpers will put on an aerial exhibition of colorful wings and acrobatic maneuvers for everyone in town to see. Check this video out of World Champion Marvin Ogger flying and tumbling over Valdez and Thompson pass. Filmed by Nico Chibac

This is the first year for an Airsports show for Valdez. We will be featuring several different flying aspects of our sport. VSHelicopters will whisk pilots to the top of  Town Mountain 5000ft or Mile High Mtn 5200ft.  Paragliders will lose elevation over the city performing synchronized acrobatic spirals, tumbles and wingovers. Speedriders will launch and proximity fly over Town Mountain or Mile High Mtn. Look out for Base Jumpers and Wingsuit flyers! Also, Paramotorists will be performing an exhibition for Snowfest. Every spring, The Thompson Pass Snowkite Festival and the Tailgate Alaska events bring in hundreds if not thousands of snowsports and extreme sports enthusiasts from around the world. These events take place in Thompson Pass 30 miles east of Valdez. For the interested spectator or local living in Valdez, it is not very accessible for most people to watch the world class events and athletes in Thompson Pass.

Flying over the Thompson Pass Snowkite and Airsports Festival. Photo Nico Chibac

Flying over the Thompson Pass Snowkite and Airsports Festival. Photo Nico Chibac

Alaska Kite Adventures idea was to bring the big airshow to the skies over Valdez. Now everyone can witness and participate interactively with the spring energy that brings people from all over the world to Valdez. If weather cooporates, we will be coordinating with the Valdez Snowfest – A snowmachine Big Air Freestyle event and Party. Valdez Snowfest will be held in the cannery parking lot on the south-side of the Valdez Marina, the old Sea Otter. We are planning on starting the air-show around 2pm and performing until 6pm just before the start of the snowmachine Big Air Freestyle. Our landing area will be in the middle of Snowfest! At the conclusion of events the Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau will be hosting a beer garden, bonfire, party and music! If the weather does not cooperate on the 29th of March we have 10 days to reschedule Wings over Valdez for the next open weather window. If you would like to participate or if you are a vendor or have any general questions. Please give Tom a call (907)947-4775

Marvin ridge soaring Lovland's lower bench. Photo Nico Chibac

Marvin ridge soaring Loveland’s lower bench. Photo Nico Chibac

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