Snowkiting is an activity that is not just a sport, it is a means of travel, it is a means of being closer to the elements, it can be social, and a physical chess game. Snowkiting can be whatever you want, from cruising around and just enjoying the scenery or traveling the backcounty, to extreme sessions throwing tricks and going big!  Whatever way you choose, it never gets old because every session offers a new experience.

A common phenomenon discussed amongst kiters is that it is an activity that just keeps getting better and better the more you do it. Many extreme athletes will hit a plateau and get somewhat bored of other sports, it is just not the case with snowkiting.

We invite you to join us and experience this growing sport. Our kiting community in Alaska is growing around the state. There are many unexplored areas yet to be explored via snowkite. Including the tundra regions, where the treeless terrain meets the wind for hundreds of miles of fun terrain in every direction. For more info, visit our destinations page. XXXXXXX