Our Philosophy

To adhere to the highest possible standards in all that we do kiting. Our number one priority is you the Kiter, we are here to offer a world class service which enables our customers to realize their maximum kiteboarding and snowkiting potential, safely.


Snowkite 1 lessons

Womens clinic day

Womens clinic day

Winter Snowkite instruction

Our favorite season is here! Snowkite season! There is a reason that we look forward to our long cold winters in Alaska. The wind and snow of course! Every year we anticipate the snow to arrive. There is something about the wind, snow, terrain and a kite that is forever exciting! 

 Have you ever wanted the feeling of gliding effortlessly for hours on end? No chairlifts, no gas fumes, no mechanical propulsion. Just you, your skis or snowboard , and a kite. Well, you have never experienced anything quite like this. Look no further, Alaska Kite Adventures is ready to instruct you to be an Alaskan Snowkiter! Whatever your goals, we have a program that will work for you!

Our Snowkite Curriculum is designed exclusively for Alaskans who intend to kite in the elements here in Alaska. It has been our experience that, kiters who learn in AK are more adept and independent, than most. Hence, making it easier to travel any where on the globe and kite with confidence.

We offer several levels of snowkite instruction. With each level all basis are covered, along with scores of tips and tricks that are specific to kiting independently in Alaska conditions.




Enter the world of snowkiting and forget everyday life for awhile. We can teach you the special skills required at your pace, without wasting time. In the end, you will discover that snowkiting is a fun, fast and exhilarating activity!

Our lessons are truly affordable. Please compare our prices to other kiteboarding schools!

During the course of our lessons we provide all snowkiting equipment. Snowkite, bar, lines, and Harness. You provide snow pants and jacket, gloves, helmet, goggles, ski or snowboard equipment.

Bring your own lunch and hot beverage in a thermos! We will be spending long periods of time on the snow and ice. Please dress warm and appropriately. Temperatures can be as low as Zero degrees Fahrenheit.


Intro to power kiting basics – $200.00 (Ground handling lesson) 1 day 2-3 hrs.

Prerequisite: No experience necessary. Bring sturdy footwear that is mud proof or snow proof and appropriate for current conditions. Ice cleats for icy conditions.

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of power kite flying? This is the course for you. It’s a course for all ages (6+) and abilities. Our class will cover all the basics. Kite set up, flying, wind and weather theory, choosing appropriate flying locations, safety and plenty of flying time.

We will introduce you to your first kite experience. You will start off with learning the anatomy of the kite, proper kite set up and rigging, launching and landing, steering technique, kite flying through the power zone and neutral areas, safety and risk management, wind and weather assessment and introduction to 4 line kites and harness.

This ground handling class will leave you with the confidence to go out and purchase your first trainer kite and fly it safely and efficiently. We will be training with Ozone 3m Ignition power kites.

Lessons will be held in various locations throughout Anchorage and the Matanuska Valley weather and wind dependent.




SNOWKITE 1 Beginner LESSON – $425.00 (3 day course, 6hrs minimum instruction 12 hrs max)

Prerequisite: No experience necessary. Regular ski/snowboarding clothing for the ski resort

This lesson is for the first time Snowkiter with no experience. We will provide support and constant instructor feedback throughout lesson. 

Alaska Kite Adventures operates throughout South Central Alaska. This includes Talkeetna, Matanuska Valley, Anchorage Bowl, Turnagain Arm and Turnagain Pass.

We like to conduct many of our  lessons on Big Lake in the Mat-su Valley. We choose the best location for lessons depending on weather for any particular day.

Generally, we schedule lessons the evening before the day of the snowkite lesson. Having 12 hours of lead time will make for accurate predictions for successful lessons.


Included Are The Following:

  • 3 hours of lessons broken up between 2 days
  • Full professional support
  • Snowkites and equipment review
  • Plenty of  freeride time
  • Enhanced launching and landing techniques
  • Familiarity with safety systems
  • Controlled stops and starts with skis/snowboard
  • Learning to ride upwind
  • Carve transitions
  • Riding in variable conditions
  • Choosing the right location
  • Choosing the right wind speed and direction
  • Independent snowkite decision making
  • Snowkite 1 certificate of completion available (requires written test)

Ben letting his kite do all the work!

SNOWKITE 2 Intermediate LESSON – $425.00

(3 day course, 6 hrs minimum instruction 12 hrs max)

Prerequisite: Previous kiteboarding or snowkiting experience. Regular ski/snowboarding clothing for the ski resort.

This lesson is for the kiteboarder or snowkiter with previous experience. We will provide support and constant instructor feedback throughout lesson. 

Our Snowkite 2 lesson will focus on riders with some experience who are looking to make the next step up in their technique and riding abilities.

If there are holes in your riding technique we can help fill in the gaps through our real time coaching.


Included Are The Following:

  • 3 Hours Of Lessons broken up between 2 days
  • Full Professional Support for new gear purchases
  • Snowkites and equipment update and demo’s
  • Enhanced launching and landing techniques
  • Riding in congested areas
  • Intermediate techniques for jumping, traveling upwind and speed control
  • Inermediate transitions
  • Riding in variable conditions
  • Independent snowkite decision making
  • Snowkite 2 certificate of completion available (requires written test)

Ben, his second day snowkiting and shredding!

SNOWKITE 3 Advanced LESSON – $849.00

(12 hrs)

Prerequisite: Previous kiteboarding or snowkiting experience. Avalanche beacon, shovel and probe required. Personal Snowkiting and any Backcountry gear.

This lesson is for the kiteboarder or snowkiter with previous experience. We will provide support and constant instructor feedback throughout lesson.

Our Snowkite 3 lesson is for the snowkiter looking to expand their knowledge in the Alaskan backcountry. This course is for the person looking to travel long distances, across the tundra, glaciers, and mountains.

This lesson will be held at a predetermined backcountry location. We will practice all of the content of the lesson in the field.

We will cover the following subjects in this lesson:


Included Are The Following:

  • 3-6 Hours Of Lessons broken up between 2,3 or4 days
  • Choosing the right backcountry snowkiting trip
  • Creating trip plans
  • The perfect backcountry gear list
  • Education on the best kites to use in the field
  • Emergency kite repair
  • Route Navigation. Map, Compass, GPS
  • Avalanche Education
  • Crevasse rescue
  • Backcountry base camp set up
  • Advanced backcountry Snowkiting techniques
  • Emergency rescue
  • Use of Planes and Helicopters for expeditions

Phillip doing it the old fashion way.

Private Snowkite Instruction – $75.00 hr

Prerequisite: Previous kiteboarding or snowkiting experience.

This is a 1 on 1 student to teacher ratio.

The goal of this lesson is to offer direct coaching for the Snowkiter who is looking to push themselves and their ability to the next level. No matter if you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, you will come away with new found skills to help you reach your goal.

Here are some common subject areas:

  • Terrain navigation and strategy
  • Catching air and gliding
  • Elevation ascent techniques
  • Freestyle tips and tricks
  • Unhooked riding
  • Flying in Turbulence areas
  • Backcountry Snowkiting
  • Racing strategy
  • Olympic training



Alaska Kite Adventures is proud to work with our Homer friends and partners at Kite Surf Alaska. KSA offers PASA certified instruction.






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Find the Class That's Right For You! Our goal is simple: have fun, be safe, learn everyday and offer up the best coaching available for everybody, from the first time kiteboarder to the advanced kiter. We can help you with finding the best Certified Instructors in the State.