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Ozone access 6m and 8m

Ozone Access 2012 6m and 8m

The Access has been designed for riders looking for an incredibly versatile and easy kite to fly. For riders new to the sport the Access is the benchmark, from your first lessons on the snow to learning how to jump, the Access is the perfect tool for all new comers to snow kiting. More experienced riders will find it is perfect to have in your quiver when the conditions or terrain get more demanding.

8m Access (new) 995.00




Ozone Summit 2013

Ozone Summit 12m 2013

The Summit is here; The Summit is for riders with experience and who are looking for a kite to explore the limits of what we think is possible. The high aspect design, clean sail, depower range and handling will allow the Snow kiter to jump higher, ride higher, turn faster. This is the premier snowkite from Ozone!
12m Summit 1,449.00





Frenzy 11m

Ozone Frenzy 2011

The new Frenzy incorporates a partially closed leading edge with mesh openings for ultimate performance, clean air intake and extra strength. A newly developed diagonal rib configuration helps optimize bridle line layout; this has enabled us to achieve a 28% reduction in line drag and a more direct feel. An increased number of cells (and reduced cell width) allow more control of the upper and lower surfaces. More cells also help reduce the amount of billowing (ballooning) of the cells, resulting in cleaner surfaces and better overall performance.  Ozone’s fastest snowkite made to date!                                                                                 11m Frenzy  (new) 700.00




Manta 8m

Ozone Manta3 2011

The 2011 Manta M3 is the ultimate kite for any experienced kiter. It is still top of the line but with more power and faster handling making it even more fun to ride and easier to climb terrain. Ozone’s Manta M3 has a high lift profile that produces more power than previous incarnations; this means you can get away with using a smaller size kite.
The bridle layout has increased the Manta M3’s turn speed which helps create more power and better maneuverability. Designed By world snowkite champion Chasta.

8m Manta 3 (new) 750.00




Zephyr 17m

Ozone Zephyr 17m

Ozone’s Lightwind specific kiteboarding kite is designed with a high performance profile and a focus on weight saving. The Zephyr kiteboarding kite delivers the same superior handling, power, feel and control as you have come to expect from Ozone.

The Zephyr kiteboarding kite is the ideal kite for any rider wishing they could ride in Light winds or for heavy riders looking for the ultimate large size kite with a huge wind range.

Ozone Zephyr 17m 1400.00




Edge 13m

Ozone Edge 13m and 9m 2012

The Ozone Edge is a versatile kite that will keep a huge smile on you face. The power the Edge generates and delivers is unmatched. If you like to send it for big air and hang time the Edge packs an awesome punch, putting you higher and for longer than you can imagine. The speed and power are easily converted into height, and its high performance airfoil gives you plenty of float which extends your air time.

Ozone Edge 13m (like new) 1650.00

Ozone Edge 9m (Demo, good condition) 1260.00



Reo 8m

Ozone Reo 8m 2012

Since its debut the Ozone Reo has been a groundbreaking dedicated wave kite. It has been designed solely with the surfer in mind. There is no doubt that the Reo does what it sets out to achieve, allow the rider to concentrate on the wave. Its fast direct handling, stability, massive de-power and ability to drift make this kite unique and a perfect choice for wave hounds. It was designed and tested only with surfboards, as that is the Reo’s sole purpose in life.

Ozone Reo 8m (used good condition) 850.00




C-4 7m and 13m

Ozone C-4 13m 9m and 7m                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The 2012 C-4 freestyle kite leads the way in the C kite realm. This kite performs precisely with predictable stability. The C-4 kite is for any ability from the beginner to advanced rider. Riders will find the kite performs smoothly and works well by feel. You will find, that  you will look at the kite less and concentrate on your riding to its maximum potential

Ozone C-4 13m (new) 1450.00

Ozone C-4 9m (new) 1375.00

Ozone C-4 7m (new) 1295.00



Twisted Snowboard

Twisted Snowkite snowboard

The Twisted Velocity has garnered a reputation as an extremely fun board to ride in a variety of conditions. Truly a unique design for a kite specific Snowboard.

This board has reverse side cut and rocker to help this board rise and float above the Powder.

Twisted Velocity with Burton Bindings 450.00