Our Philosophy

To adhere to the highest possible standards in all that we do kiting. Our number one priority is you the Kiter, we are here to offer a world class service which enables our customers to realize their maximum kiteboarding and snowkiting potential, safely.


We offer warranty style kite repair for all models of kites.

With years of experience in the  professional repair industry Tom can handle any size and type of repair.

Our repair shop is fully stocked for immediate turn around thus, saving Alaskan Kiters the time and money normally involved in shipping to a lower 48 repair shop. Give Tom a call for Questions or Estimate (907) 947-4775.

Leading Edge and Bladder blowout


Installation of new bladder and replacement valves


Repaired Leading Edge with New Bladder and Valve Installation
Ready to Ride again!



Kites, Boards, and general Kiteboarding gear for sale Ozone Kites, Crazy Fly boards, Fix my Kite repair supplies, Bladders, Spare lines, Leashes, Pumps, Wetsuits, Harness'


Find the Class That's Right For You! Our goal is simple: have fun, be safe, learn everyday and offer up the best coaching available for everybody, from the first time kiteboarder to the advanced kiter. We can help you with finding the best Certified Instructors in the State.